Community PARTners
The Community PARTners core is an integral link between University-based clinical and translational investigators and the community through organizations like the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and The New Pittsburgh Courier. These relationships enhance collaborative research, foster public trust, and ultimately promote better health.

Community PARTners helps researchers develop studies that address the complex health questions about which community partners are most concerned. Community PARTners provides training, as well as funding for research development and partnered data collection.

Pitt Mobile Science Lab
The Clinical and Translational Science Institutes’ Mobile Science Lab strives to inspire the next generation of scientists by providing realistic scientific experiences through authentic laboratory investigations. The programs focus on developing original science experiments designed to encourage students to pursue careers in science. Through partnership with physicians and researchers as well as established outreach programs, scientists can bring their discoveries and scientific methods to the students.

Pitt Science Outreach
The CTSI Science Outreach Program encompasses a spectrum of outreach activities that are all designed to educate the public about the importance of biomedical research, including the vital role research plays in scientific discovery, through hands-on realistic exposure to the scientific process. The program’s overarching goal is to inspire students to continue in science education including choosing careers in science and research. The program also has community goals to convey the impact that scientific discovery plays in people’s day-to-day lives and develop a community-wide comfort with research across the spectrum from researcher to research participant.

To volunteer to assist with the Pitt Mobile Science Lab/Pitt Science Outreach:
e-mail scirocks@pitt.edu, call 412-864-3488, or visit www.pittscienceoutreach.com

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