The Community PARTners Core facilitates relationships between community organizations and clinical and translational researchers to enhance collaborative research, foster public trust in clinical and translational research, and ultimately increase activities that promote health.

The Community PARTners Core supports the development of sustained partnerships among academic researchers and members of the community to encourage translational research. By providing education on the principles of community-engaged research and producing meaningful tools, Community PARTners aims to promote a University-wide understanding of and capacity to work with and in communities. To get started, submit a request for consultation.

Community PARTners resources are available for:

  • Faculty members working with students whose scholarly projects, practicum assignments, or dissertations have a community-engagement component.
  • If you are a student looking to receive more information about working in communities, we suggest that you first consult your faculty mentors, inquire about resources related to community engagement and explore ways in which your project can be part of a sustainable community effort.
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