University Marketing Communications (UMC)
This Pitt office can assist researchers in developing and disseminating research advertisements, print publications, and other marketing tools to assist in recruiting research participants.

This recruitment tool is a website supported by National Cancer Institute (NCI) and contains various resources for recruitment.

Pitt Voicemail
To send an announcement to be played on Pitt's voicemail, email your message to broadcastmessages@cssd.pitt.edu.

UPMC Voicemail
To send an announcement to be played on UPMC's voicemail, email your message to broadcastvm@upmc.edu

UPMC's employee newsletter is a good way to reach out to all employees of UPMC. To have an announcement posted, please send an email to Stacy Parker at parkersn@upmc.edu.

Pitt Mailing
Send an announcement to Pitt's faculty and staff. The cost is minimal and this strategy has proven to be an effective communication tool for some studies. Contact Mike Rosol at 412-244-7050 or at mrosol@bc.pitt.edu.

Departmental Registries
Individual clinical departments in the Pitt Schools of Health Sciences frequently maintain departmental registries of individuals willing to participate in research studies. Researchers should check with their departments to see if a departmental research registry is available.

Principles of Community Engagement, Second Edition
Publication by the CTSA Consortium Community Engagement Key Function Committee Task Force, on the Principles of Community Engagement.

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